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Who is Shondra Hilliard?

Shondra Hilliard was born in the hottest month of July, in the hottest metropolitan city, Houston Texas. Did I mention it was hot? To flee the heat, her parents migrated to the tempered climate of North Carolina, where she lives today. At an early age she discovered she had a talent for visual arts. She explored charcoal drawing, oil painting and sculpting ceramics. However to avoid being a starving artist. She looked for other ways to utilize her creativity and make a living. Once she attended college, she realized her passion for graphic design, business consulting and creative writing.


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Today, she’s been a successful freelance creative consultant, graphic designer and content writer for over five years. Shondra Hilliard’s first, soon-to-be best seller novel will be released this year. To find out more about her book, check the books section. What’s next for Shondra Hilliard? She wants to work with you. If you have a problem that requires a graphic designer, creative solution or content writing, she is eager to work with you.


Creative Consulting

For the past five years, Shondra Hilliard has worked with a top online magazine: creating outstanding layouts, memorable campaigns, and signature branding for fashion, art, and furniture companies.

Content Writing

Yes, she writes too. Shondra Hilliard has written stiller content for popular blogs, technical manuals, and creative writing projects. Would you like to work with her? Feel free to check out her social media links below or e-mail her at Shondrahilliard@gmail.com

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